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In a recent news release which has been confirmed by TechShop’s general manager, Gad Merrill, TechShop Pittsburgh (in Bakery Square) will continue to operate through November 30.
In the meantime, new co-founder Devin Montgomery is working to establish Protohaven, which will essentially replace TechShop as a Makers Space (Location and funding are pending).

The Mon Valley ICD is working with the new management to establish our partnership moving forward with Protohaven.

TechShop Pittsburgh has confirmed that our USW members, who are currently enrolled in the Metal Masters program or who wish to use the pre-purchased coupons,
can continue to participate at least through Nov. 30.
Take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible and let other USW members know TechShop is still open for business! 
Contact the TechShop directly to enroll in classes and let them know you are either in the Metal Masters program or wish to use the USW-ICD coupons.
Any questions may also be directed to the ICD Coordinator.