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Enrollment Basics:

  • New hires are eligible for all classes
  • Enrollments are on a first-come first-served basis
  • Retirees are eligible for most classes (see course descriptions)
  • Spouses may attend most classes when space is available (see course descriptions)
  • Unless noted classes are held at the Mon Valley Works Training HUB

Tuition Assistance:

All USW members employed by U.S. Steel are eligible to receive up to $1,800.00 annually in tuition assistance, to an accredited institution.

The Mon Valley Works Institute for Career Development (ICD) is a benefit negotiated by the United Steelworkers collective bargaining agreement exclusively for union employees of US Steel. ICD offers personal development and educational opportunities for learning in a confidential, convenient and comfortable environment. US Steel contributes $0.15 per hour worked by USW employees to fund the program.

For more information about this National program, please visit the national website at www.icdlearning.org


Our classes are designed with the unique needs of a Steelworker in mind. Everything is geared toward making learning comfortable and accessible; offering educational opportunities designed to meet their unique scheduling needs, based on convenient class locations with scheduling options and with non threatening learning environments.


Another important aspect of the program is learning confidentiality. Only the Steelworker and the Career Development staff know whether the Steelworker is there to brush up on basic skills or complete a college-level course and grades are not part of the program design. Online computer aided instruction, traditional classroom settings, small group sessions and one-on-one tutoring and hands on learning are all learning settings available. Our curriculum consists of everything from welding to website development.

Custom Classes

Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to learn but may not have ever been able to take such a class. Don’t see a course or skill you are interested in? If you can find 5 interested people and an instructor is available, a course can be scheduled right away!