Experience has shown that worker growth and development are stunted when programs are mandated from above, but flourish in an atmosphere of voluntary participation in self-designed and self-directed training and education.

— USW / Company Contract Language

The Institute for Career Development (ICD) is a contractually negotiated benefit for eligible union members of the United Steelworkers by the companies that employ them. Currently, there are 65 ICD locations in the steel, tire & rubber, glass, container and utility sectors and 16 participating companies. The ICD delivers services for the education, training and personal development of Steelworkers, helping workers acquire the skills they want, whether it’s for personal enrichment, the opportunity to progress in the workplace or to prepare for retirement.

The national ICD office provides support through program policies and standards, as well as developing and promoting lifelong learning through professional assistance to the plant-level sites. More information is available at www.icdlearning.org.

The Mon Valley ICD is a joint initiative workforce training program exclusively for Steelworkers of the Mon Valley Works with funds contributed by U. S. Steel. * Members participate in learning opportunities on their own time. They can choose from a wide range of Custom Courses to learn new skills and meet any interest or education level in a comfortable convenient environment. Most importantly, classes are confidential and designed with the unique needs of the Steelworker, including scheduling and class location. Additionally, Tuition Assistance provides reimbursement up to $2,500 annually to each worker for tuition, books and lab fees for courses accessed through accredited institutions. Courses can be either for credit or noncredit, traditional classroom style or online.

The emphasis of the Career Development program is on teaching “portable” skills participants can use to enhance their existing careers or take with them beyond the steel mills. Learn more about the current Custom Courses offered through the Mon Valley ICD in the Class Schedule or contact the ICD Coordinator for additional information.

* Active employees of the Mon Valley Works-United Steelworkers are eligible to participate in Custom Classes and receive Tuition Assistance through the Mon Valley ICD. A minimum of five (5) active USW members must be enrolled in any Custom Class offered through the ICD. Retirees and Spouses may participate in certain Custom Classes as per the ICD Policy guidelines. Contact the ICD Coordinator to confirm eligibility.