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Understanding & Optimizing Your Investment Choices (17FL)
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This 18-hour seminar/workshop will explain simple, successful investment techniques that historically have produced average annualized returns that outperform the market. There are no prerequisites required to attend the class. Participants will perform in-class exercises where they will learn how to choose the best mutual funds and stocks for their Traditional and Roth 401K, IRA/Roth IRA and Standard Brokerage Accounts.  Spouse permitted to attend with active Union member registration (Retirees are not eligible).
Class 1: Introduction – Investment Plans
Learn the difference between Traditional 401K and Roth 401K. What are the advantages of tax deferred investments? How to make tax-free withdrawals after retirement.
Class 2: Mutual Funds & Index Funds
Learn about Mutual Funds, their different types and how to analyze Fidelity Funds in your 401k or an IRA. Class also covers market trends and the best time to invest in stocks and bond funds.
Class 3: U.S. Steel Stock Method
Learn how to get better returns investing in U.S. Steel Stock based on its cyclical pattern rather than just buy and hold.
Class 4: Sector Funds
Learn how to choose and invest in the correct market sectors. This method has eclipsed all other mutual funds over the last 20 years.
Class 5: Stock Market Lingo & ETFs
Learn how to trade stocks using Market, Limit, and Trailing Stop Orders plus how to Short Stocks. Different types of Exchanged Traded Funds and their investment advantages will also be covered.
Class 6: Widely-Held Stock & Portfolio Design
Taking Advantage of undervalued stocks and mutual fund window dressing. Learn to design a portfolio for your investment goals. Six (6) sessions, Mondays and Tuesdays, Choose either mornings or evenings. Class size limited to twenty (20).  
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