Bladesmithing: Patch Knife (21FL)

A very beginner level forging project. Students will hand forge a small patch knife, sometimes referred to as a “blacksmith knife.” There are endless possibilities of when it comes to making these knives. It is a fun little project. Students will also do dimple grinding, and learn some basic heat treating.

This class is taught by Andrew Takach. On the popular TV show, Forged in Fire (season 4, episode 13), Andrew competed and ultimately won with his Shamshir sword. Several photos of his work have been published in books and magazines, including Knives Annual, Knife World, and Blade magazine.

Active USW employees only

One ( 1 ) session, Saturday morning. Lunch is provided. Class ends when all projects are completed.
Class size limited to six ( 6 ).

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location Takach Forge
644 Plummer School Rd
West Newton, PA 15089
Registration Closed